March is cold

 It may be March but it is still cold outside! DS2 went snowboarding yesterday with the school. They had planned to go in February but it was too cold. He came back happy, wind burned and tired. It was a great day for him. The weather was great and the sun was shinning. There were deer at the bird feeder today. Not sure who was more surprised them or us. Take Care Mar4

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DS1’s surgery

DH took DS1 into Winnipeg to have all his wisdom teeth were removed. They went to an oral surgeon at a small private clinic. It only took a few hours and they were home mid-afternoon. Poor kid is so sore and puffed out. We are just glad we were able to get it done before he went to China. He only missed two days of school. It is still cold outside and everyone is getting tired of winter. Take Care

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It’s my birthday.

Yes, today is my forty something birthday. After showers we left for Winnipeg and Dim Sum! I love Dim Sum and haven’t had any for over a year. It was great! We went to the Emperor’s Garden for their Dim Sum. What wonderful food and so many different kinds. DH and the boys said I was like a kid in a candy store. I hadn’t even gotten off my coat and I was ordering shrimp and other delicacies and of course green tea, for the four of us. So happy and it was hard not over stuff myself. The guys were a little more discriminate about what they ordered. I wanted to have one of everything. Good thing the carts come around often. Wow, what a wonderful, bright, sunny, warm morning.

The afternoon was bit of a disappointment. The guys were wonderful, it was just shopping at Kathryn’s Stitching Studio, formerly Mrs. Twitchet’s Eye, was a let down. They had gone to an annual major needlework show and there were no free charts or anything to interest me. Actually the only “freebie” chart had a small button attached to it and a price tag. Poor selection, no freebies, overpriced charts and fabric and standoffish staff made it an unhappy experience. Since the new owner has taken the welcoming stitching store has really changed. I used to look forward to checking it out, but not now. I had a wonderful birthday and great day in Winnipeg with the boys and DH. Take Care. Feb 22/09

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Back to “normal”?

After the long, unexpected holiday it is hard to get back into a normal routine.  The boys are in school, DH is at work and I’m driving school bus. Life is somewhat normal, I guess. DS1 has been complaining about his back teeth hurting and we assumed he was teething again. The dentist confirmed it was the wisdom teeth causing him pain. Off to an oral surgeon the next afternoon. DS1 will be having all his wisdom teeth removed on Monday! Wow this is fast but necessary. DH and I are glad this is before DS1 leaves for his China trip. I could not get time off but luckily DH was able to. Until later, Take Care. Feb 21/09

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Valentine’s Day

A very “Happy Birthday R” to my SIL. It is easy to remember her birthday because it is also Valentine’s Day. I won’t say how old she is, this time. DH brought home a HUGE bouquet of red roses and mixed flowers. They are GORGEOUS! Let’s not forget the boxes of chocolates which I shared with two eager boys. They enjoy today because I buy chocolates and so does DH. Not that I need a reminder but I fortunate to have such a great, caring, loving, beautiful man to share life with. I am so happy and love you so much DH. Anyway before I get too mushy, it must be the after effects of the surgery, it was a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Yesterday, the boys and I drove into Winnipeg for their eye appointments. DS1’s eyes changed quite a bit so he needs new glasses and DS2 only went up “a half” step. DS2 said he liked his glasses and did not really want to change them. Both do not have to come back until next year. Lunch was as Palatal Express, a Mongolian restaurant. It is becoming my favourite place because you pick the veggies, sauce and noodles you want and then they cook it on a huge round, flat grill. Of course I picked seafood, DS1 picked the special while DS2 had the sweet and sour with “fat” noodles. Next stop was Supervalu for “a few groceries” then the thrift store before heading home. It was a long day for me. Take Care. Feb 14

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Back to school

The highways are open again and school buses are running so the boys were back at school after three days of being iced in. Tomorrow, Friday the 13th, is parent/teacher conference day so there no school. Monday is a new holiday, Louie Riel Day, so another day off school. This week turned out to be a one day school week, needless to say they were grumpy about having to go to school for just one day. I was glad they were not home and just puttered around and tried not to scratch the itchy incision. I’m sore, very sore and bruised black, blue and purple. Take Care. Feb 12/09

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The roads are still treacherous but drivable so I am off to Winnipeg for another breast biopsy. DS has a presentation so he will be away for the morning while I get “prepped” for the surgery. I’m so glad he was there when I came out of the OR. He took good care of me, when I let him. What a wonderful, caring and beautiful person and I am so fortunate to be married to him. Dr. Fraser looked at the lump and said it was probably another calcification but the pathologist would take about a week for the results. She is a great surgeon and wonderful, caring doctor and I trust her completely. I’m not worried about the results.  Anyway, Take Care. Feb 11/09

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Iced in

Four deer danced down our driveway this morning. Everything was covered in ice from the freezing rain. The last few days everyone has been iced in. Yes, iced in. Highways have been closed due to icy roads… so no school and no work. The kids are off Friday anyway so this is a very short week. They are happy to have a couple of “snow days” even if they are stuck home with both DS and me. Good thing the internet still works. Take Care Feb 10/09

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Happy Birthday DB2

My youngest brother turns *cough cough* today. I wish all your birthday wishes come true. Have a great birthday bro. Love from all of us.  Take Care, Feb 6/09

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Another month has crawled by and I haven’t felt like blogging. Guess the weather does have an effect on life more than I thought. Cold and dark, sure it is getting a little brighter every day but it is still cold and dark. It is hard to get up so early in the morning and it is still dark when I drop off the school kids. DS1 had another China Trip meeting and still does not know if his bank (interact) card will work in China. We are getting conflicting information. DS and I do not want to get him credit card, at least not yet. The dryer has finally died after almost 10 years. The repairman’s repair estimate is almost the same as a new dryer. It is too cold to hang out clothes so off to buy a new dryer. First the washing machine and now the dryer, what next? Anyway, Take Care. Feb 5/09

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